Get a Free Air Conditioner For Low-income Families 2021

Free air conditioner

Nowadays, the temperature is rising day by day and it’s been difficult for us to get a cooling feel in the body. Even if the air conditioners provide us cooling, the reality is not everyone can afford it. So, a free air conditioner can be the hope for those who can’t afford them. But only people with severe health conditions may qualify for free air conditioners. Free air conditioner for low-income families 2021 can receive from the government free ac units grants program and local charities.

As we know, In the United States of America there are lots of different programs and plans from the government and other organizations to make sure that low-income people do not have to face and suffer. Additionally, the New York state government ensures a cooling assistance program for the people who are suffering from health complications. However, it is usually possible to receive either free AC units, repairs to the system, or maybe you get a window fan from the government or charity near you.

Federal and state government assistance including the LIHEAP may pay for free AC units or the repairs to free Ac units. So, there we are going to discuss how to get a free air conditioner for low-income families 2021 easily. Also, We are going to let you know all the information regarding free air conditioners for low-income families 2021, such as the eligibility for free air conditioners. This program is only for the people who can’t afford them.

Free Air Conditioner Programs

The HEAP (home energy assistance program) is one of the programs that provide free air conditioners for low-income families. This program is of the NEW york state government which provides support and help for the low-income families household as part of to cover their energy expenses. The free ac units is the give-away program from the HEAP.

Free air conditioners Programs
Free air conditioners from the Government

Importantly, a patient may have a sensitive health condition of heat, then the New York state government provides the cooling assistance program as per the terms and conditions. People must follow and should be eligible to get this free air conditioner for low-income families 2021. The costs come up to $800 for AC less installing charge. If there is a problem with the installation system then they provide you a fan.

The free air conditioner for low-income people’s give-away from the HEAP program is for needy people who need cooling assistance but can’t afford it. As per your health condition you are eligible for getting free air conditioner assistance. This program is especially for people who have medical needs. Importantly, a heating condition may lead to the worst conditions of the health and an AC can prevent that aggravation of the heat.

And also important to note that there are also many programs such as free air conditioners for seniors. It is arranged by most of the states. There are HEAP state offices where you as a senior citizen may contact for further procedural information.

Government Grants For Free Air Conditioners

The New York government runs a program to provide financial support to low-income people who can’t afford to buy an air conditioner. But free AC units are not just for the families who can’t afford it but it depends on the health conditions without which the people’s sickness is aggravated by the heat. There is financial support to cover the cost and installing the free air conditioners.

If the free air conditioner does not work after the installation, in that case, a cooling fan is provided to you on an instant basis. So, this is highly called the cooling assistance or you can say free air conditioner assistance benefit which is controlled and backed by new york human resources of administration. But here a question has arisen: how does it work? So, let’s know about it.

More importantly, the fact is that you must show your eligibility to make sure that you need a free air conditioner for health purposes. The cost of this AC comes at $800. So, there are the point considerations on how it works.

  • There is a schedule for this free air conditioners program which starts last year on 1 may 2020 and one should complete the application process within 30 august 2020.
  • You should hurry up with your proper application so that your cooling assistance benefit can be processed within a short period of time.
  • Note that you will be under the first come first serve process.
  • For every 10 years, you are eligible for this cooling assistance.
  • Ensure your eligibility of the government grants for free air conditioner for low-income people, a household is going to get one air conditioner or one fan in case free AC units don’t work after installation. So the cost stands up to $800. And there is no electricity bill or cash benefit.

Eligibility for free air conditioner

As we know, the free air conditioner is not for everybody. You have to fulfill some eligibility criteria to be qualified for a free air conditioner for low-income families 2021. This cooling assistance program is designed for people who can’t afford to buy but their health conditions require cooling assistance to get health support. So, you need to know what eligibility criteria are applicable.

  • Firstly, your health condition goes from bad to worse due to heat and it must be certified by the medical profession.
  • You must be a US citizen and do not have any criminal record in the past and present.
  • You don’t have an air conditioner at the time of applying for a free air conditioner.
    Should check once your subsidized housing status because NYCHA and section 8 are in case there are heating costs that are added to the rent bill.
  • More importantly, there is a requirement of income and you have to fulfill this. As part of that, you may get the SNAP benefits as temporary assistance or code a supplemental security income. And there is income variation as per the family size should remember this. For example, if a family has only one member then the income must be $29,928 in a month, $2,494 in a month, and $576. So, the notion of that income size will go high in case there is more than one family member.

How to apply For Free air conditioner program 2021

So, now we are going to know how to apply for free air conditioner for low-income families in 2021. Let’s know about the application process. So, there are certain simple options to apply for cooling assistance. Firstly, you should mail your cooling assistance benefit application to the newyork city home energy assistance program. Just get the address of the official HEAP from the official website.

Free air conditioner for low-income families 2021
Apply for Free air conditioner for low-income families

If you have never applied for the HEAP program in 2019-2020. You have to go to fill out the regular application. You have to collect the necessary information about this program and fill up the application process. Importantly, visit the HEAP contact directory that is available on the online platform to make sure you get more information on how to proceed with the free ac units application process. Now, the question has arisen that what documents do they need to apply for the program?

So, surely there are some document works that you must complete. Note that this paperwork should be accurate, fresh, and clean. These documents are important and accurate documents that can easily ensure the maximum chance of your getting the cooling assistance easily.

Documents needed to complete the application process are listed below.

  1. Driving license with proper photo and id
  2. Information of passport
  3. Your birth certificate
  4. Social security number for your dependents.
  5. Social security card
  6. Adoption records
  7. Naturalization certificate
  8. Baptismal or another religious certificate.
  9. Medicaid card.
  10. Marriage record
  11. Original birth record
  12. Original school records
  13. And other original records.
  14. Charities that provide free AC units.

You can search for free air conditioner from many different charities. These charities mainly collect food and other home appliances to make sure the low-income people can get those home appliances for use. If you are in the worst condition of heat that causes more health complications, you can describe it with your application. The process of getting a free air conditioner may be fast because priority will be given to your health wants and needs.

So, many different charities in your location can provide you a free air conditioners for low-income families 2021. You just have to contact the local charities’ offices. The availability of this service will depend on the funding levels or what has been donated by the people when it comes to applying for help to a charity organization.

Salvation army thrift stores or you can say family service programs may also distribute window-mounted free AC units. Usually, these will be sold at a reduced price in the community. Also, they will gently use the systems as they are coming from the thrift store of the salvation army. However, a local salvation army center may make in some cases exceptions and they will give away free AC units to the needy peoples. Remember, this will vary by location.

Some of the centers near you may provide you with free AC units when there is a medical emergency. Therefore, salvation army family service may give window-type free AC units to a senior citizen who needs them or a single mother with a sick child at home may qualify for a cheap or free AC units system. A free AC unit can help to eliminate the risk of overheating. Note that these will normally be small free ac units that can be mounted in a bedroom window or another portion of the home. Every thrift store or center has them. Some may just have fans but they can be an option, and get help from the salvation army.


The patients who are suffering from heat sensitivity are not going to suffer anymore because the cooling assistance program can support and help their health. This is the new york state government program that may ensure a free air conditioner for low-income families 2021. HEAP is one of the great platforms established in New York and you are the luckiest one to live in New York as you are entitled to this offer of a program.

Maybe you know more details on how anyone can get this free air conditioner program known as the cooling assistance program. Just assess your eligibility to ensure you get the free air conditioner. All the best!

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