How To Get Free Broken Computers

free broken computers

Get free broken Computers and free Old Computers Many are in the market who have old or damaged laptops, computers, etc. through auctions or the assistance of governmental and non-governmental organizations. The process of getting a new computer isn’t easy. However, now you can obtain free computer that is old and damaged for absolutely no cost through sales. The majority of the time people will donate a used computer for free.

Get Free Broken Computers

One thing you’ll notice is that it’s an obstacle and difficulty to find damaged computers at no cost. Through the aid of non-profit organisations, you can find a damaged computer or even its parts. To get the pieces of the computer or computer, you’ll have to do a amount of research where to get old computers for free.

free broken computers
free broken computers

Nowadays, people do not have the time to studies on Google. Therefore, there’s no reason to be concerned about, since with this site, you can learn about the various organizations and programs that can assist you in fixing the ability to repair your computer. Keep reading to find out more where to get old computers for free.

How do I get free broken Computers?

Reusing, fixing and upgrading computers is an extremely common practice across a wide range of repair companies and offices. If a business or organization accepts any old computer to recycle, it does not mean or imply that these computers are created for sale or donation to another organization (which may occur in certain instances) and also to individuals.

  • Get free old computers

The majority of the time, it occurs that businesses or firms acquire older computers, which they reuse or donate to recycling centers or other places in which the main machine is separated from other components. Then, these companies offer the dismantled, working and good components to individuals who wants it.

If you don’t have any knowledge about these firms and services, one of the best things could be done is contact the company or email them to inquire about the services they offer.

Make sure you are clear when applying for the computer repair program that will fix your computer where to get old computers for free.

In many instances that when you go to any company or organization to fix a computer that is broken, they’ll certainly ask you regarding the usage of these computers. So, ensure that you have a clear understanding of the reasons behind why you want to repair your computer, and that the reason you have is a legitimate one.

The current situation is that it is mostly based on the criteria for eligibility and may differ between companies. However, if you’re part of the lowest income group or suffer from a handicap, you may be eligible for these programs, as well as other organizations that repair computers no cost.

Where can I get old computers cost-free ?

A few of the places, or online companies and companies, where you may find broken computers, are where to get old computers for free.

Used or free broken computers from Freecycle

Freecycle is akin to Craigslist’s. An NPO i.e. non-profit organization is primarily helping people from all over the world to donate computers they don’t want and aid those who would like to utilize computer parts that function. Check out the as well as provide individuals with platforms and channels to connect with people who are able to donate their old computers those in need or that they have no use for.

Freecycle might look similar to Craigslist however they can assist you in locating a community of people, and also in facilitating communication in order to obtain valuable information from older computers and other. Freecycle has two motives

Allow people to donate laptops or computers for recycling permit people to purchase or borrow these recycled computers locally

If you have other items that is resold or given away to help others get assistance with freecycle, this organization has more than 9 lakh active members who are involved in thousands of groups. you can go to the site and locate an affordable used or damaged computer on freecycle. If you’re fortunate, you could also find an unneeded or used computer.

Free old broken computers

There are 9000 members of Freecycle across the globe and they also have 5,297 groups. In addition, this group works to help the poor and needy by help them get a computer that is functional or components. A majority of the computers are on sale. Additionally, the organization provides information about the companies as well as the computers that are broken. should they have computers they can provide you with one. If not, they will direct you to other organizations or companies that sell similar computers.

Through this network, they are able to join through this network to restore the computer components that are useful from the waste bins. You can also join within this network, and you can sign up to join the network or can look it up in your neighborhood.

No cost Broken Computers for students from Interconnection

Students who are part of the lower-income groups and who are meritorious the laptops and computers. laptops and computers. It is possible to purchase a laptop at a price of less than 99 dollars. The location of the laptop isn’t a requirement or required. You can even apply online or browse the stores on the internet for similar.

This is an updated laptop at $99 as well as a discounted laptop. The laptop comes with an internet connection, PowerPoint, Windows 7 professional, Office Home 2007, antivirus and spyware are all included, and comes with a 90 day warranty. You may also request a free junk computer, too where to get old computers for free.

It is necessary to make use of cash or a credit card to pay. If you’re making an online application or via the internet, you’ll have use a credit or debit card mainly. The majority of laptops on the market are from Dell which comes with an LCD display that is flat along with peripherals as well as discount desktops. To get this laptop or computer for free or something else, you have to be able to prove you have an annual income less than 40k. You can also provide them with your EBT card. Additionally, they will give out broken computers at no cost.

PCs are designed for the individual.

This is a different service provider which assists the citizens by providing them with technological. For those who have the qualifications and have the need to utilize computers, or require repair services or internet service, they are provided with it.

Many companies purchase computers and other services from websites in large quantities such as tax exemption 501 firms , for instance. and these are business entities that include NPOs i.e. non-profit org. Computers are also for sale.

To improve the difficult social, economic and physical circumstances, these agencies provide assistance to those or groups that do not have access to technology. They provide them with computers laptops, laptops, internet access maintenance, and more. for a low price.

Individuals or families who live 20% below the level of FPL (federal poverty limit) are eligible for government assistance and receive four types of assistance – Computer repairs repair, high-speed internet along with Microsoft renewed registration. In addition there are additional services in addition to data cleaning as well as general recycling. If you are looking for a low-cost recycling solution that is easy to use the best choice should be the computers.

On It Foundation

The organization is non-profit corporation created in 1999 by Miss Calveta Phair in 1999 in November. Families who are economically and socially marginalized and is from the K-12 school The group primarily assists to expand and enhance their accessibility to technology. On It organization also provides computer repair assistance for broken computers. One of the most important things you’ll learn is that this group works with computer access centers, companies as well as educational institutions and other institutions to assist those who are not up to speed with technological advancements. They also run an initiative called Jump on It’ in which they have started the US offers free broken computers to students in college programs where to get old computers for free.


The agency or organization ensures that your information is secure. They also guarantee that you can reuse your data at any time you wish to. For those suffering, they offer them damaged computers, and you are able to connect to them between 10A.M. until 6P.M. from Tuesday to Saturday. Other than that the pickup charge the cost of a pickup.

It is the best options since they have all sorts of electronic. In addition vacuums big appliances, smoke detectors air conditioners, dehumidifiers light bulbs, copiers microwave ovens, batteries made of alkaline and bottled water are just a few items they can pick or decide to purchase based on their preference or preference.

If you are recycling recyclable materials like plastic , such as VCR tapes or other types of floppy disks you can get help from this company. In addition you can also acquire an old computer that is in good condition through this group.

Other than that among the other things you’ll learn is that there are colleges, schools and even organizations that require financial assistance to purchase used computers in order to utilize it to train their students. The cost of training volunteers is around $70. In addition, there are a variety of procedures they must follow. Therefore, the organization accepts donations, to ensure that they provide the following services for the volunteers , and so on.

One of the greatest things you can learn about this company is that you can get a computers within 24 hours. This is an organization which accepts computers that are used, which a variety of individuals give to. After accepting donations of these computers, volunteers from the organization will make changes to the system. After that, volunteers take care of the computer and are available all day-long service work performed on the computers.

Visit on their website to find more information and, of course, their Portland K-12 students will be able to get computers, too.

free old computers
free old computers

Camara Free Computers

The people who are in the greatest need of computers are now able to get computer repair services for free from Camara the national nonprofit organisation. Alongside that they also offer IT equipment collection, drop-off, a certified erasers for hard drives and repair services to repair the damages to companies as well as individuals. They also have updated computers that are used in communities and schools that are located situated in East Africa, Ireland and Haiti.

CCL North

It is a nationwide firm and has its primary sectors in the renewal of IT equipment and reuse and resales of equipment’s. You can request damaged computers here. The computers here are donated at no cost.

Computer Aid International

It is among the charitable organizations working throughout the entire USA. They provide computers to NFP organizations , as well as to the emerging countries. The other work it performs with UK private and business customers who they supply the computers include WEEE compliance cleaning the data, and tracking of assets.

Digital growth

It is an NPO which serves the entire USA. It gives free old computers to the public who donate them. They collect the computers from donors and offer them at a low dollars to people as well as community organizations, charities. and schools across the world. Additionally, they offer in the UK mainland and other schools, and in other countries, the Genetic Collection Service.

Broken IT

Broken IT It is a non-profit corporation and is located in Cambridge shire as well as throughout the nation. They are primarily in charge recycling, retrieving or recycle IT equipment’s. One of the most effective things to do is go to their official website and verify whether they provide damaged machines or are not. Free broken computers¬† can be rented through this organization.

Recycling and disposal of computer waste

If you’ve tried the suggestions above but you aren’t able to work it out, you could consider this alternative organisation. You can find commercially reused computers, and assistance with IT removal to help you deal with unneeded telecom equipment and computers. They also offer junk computers for no cost. Find out more about them on the internet and find out their current state of affairs.

RCS Recycling

RCS Recycling is also one of these organizations that offers free broken computers and other parts of computers. If you have undesirable parts of your computer that you don’t need or need, you can donate the item to RCS Recycling. Additionally they also offer computer components including motherboard, CPU and monitors, among others.

Computer recycling bytes back

This recycling business updates IT components and distributes them to various schools across Africa. Additionally, you can also find computer parts that are broken for free. For more information regarding their distribution of IT components initiative in Africa You can look it up on the internet.

Find old computers for free and pass it to

They are a charity which collects donated computers. They fix it, edit it and remove all information from the computer. This make it as good as a the new one. They donate the computers to disabled. You can also get or purchase computer parts for free here. The company also offers free old computers.

Reboot the project

With this company, you can purchase new computers. They also offer services in Montgomery County, Washington DC, Rockville, MD . You can find damaged computers available for sale at a reasonable price. Check online for more details.

The company will take your company computer or hardware computers and redesign to serve the purpose of distribution to families with low incomes. Additionally they also distribute computers to disabled people as well as the Washington DC non-profit agencies. This business was founded in 1997. In 1997, they distributed over 11,000 computer repairs and also created it.

The company is also associated with non-profit organizations as well as individuals and schools. They work on upgrading and sell it, or distribute it free of charge or it could be for all computers that are donated. In schools, they also distribute computers and make sure they update the software, so it is able to meet the requirements of students.

TR Computer

Here , you can pick up the computer that is broken no cost. There are many centers of TR computers across the country. You can go through and request a free computer. you can apply by using the following link

Computer Recycling Center (CRC)

The organisation Computer Recycling Center is a NPO which receives donations of computers, and then fix the computers, and then they give it away. The main focus is helping disabled. This NPO is located within Northern California & has its services throughout the USA.

The eligibility requirements to get free broken Computers

There are certain eligibility requirements that are set by some businesses in order to receive the computers that are free of charge However, non-profit organizations aren’t eligible and cannot be eligible in the exact same way. For instance, if you’re a non-profit organization and you are registered with the State level in addition to this, you must be tax-exempt through government officials. Federal Govt.

Here are some commonly used eligibility criteria that have to be met to obtain an unrestricted computer that is not new or previously used.

  • Citizenship is required to be from the United state
  • Age must be greater than 18 years old.
  • Single, disabled or elderly mothers may also be eligible for these programs.
  • Any company with a registered a non profit-making at the state level
  • Family with low income could also be eligible.

Non-Profit organizations that work for the welfare of children and women may also be able to apply

Because criteria could changed from one organization to the next We always advise you to study the eligibility criteria thoroughly prior to applying for assistance.

Where can I get old computers at no cost

If you’re disabled, you could get free broken computers or a used one that has been updated. If you’re a nonprofit which has a business in which children are the ones after whom you’re searching and are disadvantaged, you may be eligible to receive computers. However, it is essential to research the organisations that offer computers for free to the poor or low-income families, students, or whatever the situation requires where to get old computers for free.

If you’re a person with exceptional academic or educational qualifications, you may qualify for IT firms like Asus, Apple, and Microsoft provide free computer repair. All you have to complete is write an excellent essay that describes the use of the computer that is broken as well as other computers and you might be able to qualify for the same.

Where can you find old computers for free? Online

The computers that are free to be available online are sourced from websites such as Facebook Twitter, Quora reddit, Craigslist, freecycle, and many more. You can also look up other websites of companies that provide with free old computers to families with low incomes.

How can you get free computer equipment from Facebook

Facebook is a global platform that connects people through their social media platforms. allows people living in the north pole to communicate with the rest around the globe. It is well-known that Facebook is a social media platform with millions of users who use Facebook every day, and they share their needs using trending Hashtags and you will find an extremely popular hashtag on Facebook that will satisfy your needs of free old computers. Here’s the full procedure to obtain older and used computers on Facebook for no cost or for a low cost.

Free old and used computers from Facebook pages

There are many companies who recognize the that social media is important and also have a social presence. Businesses create their own accounts on Facebook and interact with users. Similar to account timelines, Facebook pages are able to publish. If these companies are donating or selling used or free old computers, they post updates on Facebook pages.

Computers for free, used and old from Facebook Groups

There are numerous communities and groups there are a variety of groups and communities on Facebook which allow users to purchase and sell used or sell laptops and computers. If you’re looking for free computers, we suggest joining the buy-and-sell groups. where people are more active than other groups.

Free Used and Old Computers from the Facebook marketplace.

Market place on Facebook is a community specifically designed to assist low-budget buyers as well as sellers to offer and sell their used computers mobiles, laptops, laptops, and many more. You can join Facebook marketplace and maintain an updated to receive the best price first. since it works on a the first come first serve basis, connect directly with seller and purchase it Other methods to repair old or damaged computers.

The most helpful tips for getting cheap, free broken computers or a cheap laptops are as follows:
  • Organizations repair and upgrade

Computers are repaired and upgraded. In addition, you can buy computers at a reasonable and reasonable cost. Also , try recycling programs, lots of people throw away old computers in recycle centers. These recycling centers help low-income families with free old computers. If you’re lucky, you may find a decent laptop for free at these centers.

  • Craigslist as well as other ads for classifieds

You can also find a lists of colleges and organizations that provide free computers and laptops and computers that are broken for free. In addition, Craigslist is one of the most popular classifieds in this world. It allows to connect local residents.

Sellers can sell old items and used items on Craigslist with low prices or even for free. It’s an online marketplace for bulk reselling that will help you locate the lowest cost computer or a no-cost damaged or used computer where to get old computers for free.

  • Sales for Going Out of Business

Look for companies with signs that read “going out of business” and here you can buy for a reasonable price office equipment , including computers. These kinds of sales don’t happen all the time. Keep an eye out.

  • Computer repair shops

Also, there are good chances to purchase damaged or used equipment and computers for an affordable price.

  • Find a local non-profit

Join an organization that promotes computer literacy, such as a church or civic or scouts group and schools, etc. There is a good chance of getting an inexpensive computer. They may even give you damaged computers for free, too.

where to get old computers for free
where to get old computers for free
  • Use an online platform and inform the group’s leaders.

You can also use the online service and connect directly with them ASAP. They’ll inspire and motivate you to do your best. In addition, if you come across a non-profit member page , look for additional options, and get connected with them immediately You can then connect with them and inquire what network you linked to was also beneficial to their organization, or not. After that, you’ll be able to obtain support.

  • Local Government Agencies

Sometimes, local government organizations also hold various events and programs which they assist individuals in times of need There is a chance that you’ll be able to purchase laptop. Additionally, they offer damaged computers and assistance those who are in need. It is possible to get used computers for free or damaged computer systems from these. Be aware of the dates when events are scheduled.

  • Create a campaign that is personal to your desire

You can also create an individual campaign to address your desires by describing the details. You can encourage yourself. Simply write a story for social media or in a your local newspaper. Then, there are those who are willing to provide you with a free broken computers or laptops where to get old computers for free.


First of all, it’s crucial to know which places you can buy damaged computers from. If you aren’t aware, it could be a challenge to find one. Computers that are broken can be very beneficial and there are numerous reasons to blame them. The names of the organizations mentioned above are extremely useful and can help in obtaining free old computers or damaged computers. In addition something else to keep in mind is that these organisations don’t just provide computers that are broken for free but also update it with software before they distribute the upgraded computer. This means that you receive an item that is like new thanks to the latest software and updates. So, don’t believe that these companies can’t assist you. They are able to offer computers and the components to those in need.