Free Refrigerator For Low-Income Families 2021

free refrigerator for low income families

Nowadays, Free refrigerator for low-income families in 2021 is the talk of the town. Humans naturally get excited and happy when they hear the word free means if I tell you that you can get a free refrigerator then you will get excited. Right? So, here in this article, we would read about the free refrigerator schemes & programs that are run across the country by various agencies such as government and non-government that provide free refrigerators for low-income families in 2021.

As we know, getting a refrigerator is not an easy task because here the problem is not just about buying it but also it is energy efficient. Unlike the other free refrigerators that are provided by organizations, they consume less energy which causes your energy bill to be reduced and you get to save a good amount of money on your energy bill as well. So, all the queries of your programs that provide free refrigerators and how to get free refrigerators are getting solved here. Read along to get the answer to your queries.

The Organization That Provides Free Refrigerator Programs.

Here, various organizations are there who have come forward to help and support low-income families with free refrigerator programs. You can freely contact any of these organization agencies and claim the free refrigerator for yourself and your family. So, let’s know about those organizations that provide free refrigerator programs.

Free Refrigerator Program
Free Refrigerator
  • LADWP’s free refrigerator exchange program.

LADWP’s refrigerator exchange program provides a free refrigerator for needy and low-income families. This free refrigerator is an energy-saving gadget, energy star rated free refrigerator. They simply provide you a brand new free refrigerator in exchange for qualified old model refrigerators. Around 14 or 18 cubic models they provide that are more efficient and money-saving than the model you might be using for a long time. However, they have some criteria that should be fulfilled to be qualified by the applicant and the refrigerator that has to be exchanged.

  • The eligibility criteria that is set by this organization for applicants are:
  • The applicant must not have participated before in this program.

Being an LADWP customer is mandatory and the applicants must belong to the groups that are provided by the agency at the time of filling the form.

The requirements for the free refrigerator to get an exchange is:

  • The applicant’s refrigerator should fall in LADWP service territory.
  • The refrigerator must be of a property owner, tenant, or organization.
  • At the time of applying, the refrigerator should have been used for at least 10 years.
  • The refrigerator should be in working condition at the time of exchange.
  • The area covered by the refrigerator should be 14 cubic feet.
  • It is used as a primary unit and not for storage.
  • It is properly plugged into an outlet that is grounded properly.

If you meet the eligibility criteria of this organization then you can easily get the free refrigerator from this organization.


LIHEAP stands for a low-income home energy assistance program that provides free refrigerators through their schemes and programs for low-income families. It is a federally funded program that is made to help or support the needy families that are forced to pay a high amount from their income to the energy companies. It provides help or support by financial assistance to these needy families to buy better energy-efficient products that can help them to save on energy bills. Also, they provide free home appliances instead of financial assistance to these families who can’t afford such expensive energy-efficient home appliances.

The LIHEAP has also set a few criteria that one requires to be fulfilled in order to be chosen as the right applicant for the free refrigerator. Importantly, the income of your family is the first criterion. Remember, it is a federal program that is run by every state. It may be possible that there are some differences in criteria and policies and income limits that totally depend on the state. It also includes the policy of replacement or repair.

As it is a federal program, anyone who is eligible can claim its services from any city, county, state, or town of the United States of America. However, it may be possible that they are not able to help you on an instant basis due to a lack of resources. Here, you can choose to wait for them and can opt for other organizations that provide free refrigerators.

  • WAP.

WAP stands for the weatherization assistance program. It is run by the government that provides free refrigerator programs. It works on lowering the risk of the environment by encouraging responsible citizens to use as much as energy-efficient home appliances. The needy families who can’t afford to buy the energy star-rated home appliances, this organization provides financial assistance and sometimes they provide the free refrigerator itself to reduce the risk of energy consumption more.

Weatherization assistance programs provide around $8,000 depending on the family’s income status and the condition of the house. Low-income and needy families that have residents with elders, children, a member with special needs, disabled family members, and high energy users are eligible for this program. Families or individuals that come under 200% of the federal poverty level are eligible for the free refrigerator program.

WAP is also a federal program like LIHEAP and hence it is available in all major parts of the United States of America. You can easily apply to this program by visiting their local office in your area or by simply visiting their online website.
05 Places that help with a free refrigerator.

Low-income families work hard to fulfill their needs. And it is hard for them to think of buying a home appliance that is energy-efficient that fits in the budget too. So, for such types of low-income, there are places that provide free refrigerators or at affordable prices. Read along to know such places that help needy families.

  • Freecycle.

A freecycle is a well-known place but if you don’t know about freecycle then first let me introduce to you what is freecycle? So, Freecycle is a website that is an online platform for citizens to sell and buy products that are in working condition. The people who want to sell their appliances can sell here online and the people who can’t afford the expensive products but need them can buy the products from freecycle that are second-hand products that are available at affordable and cheap prices. As the name suggests, freecycle is for the citizens who want to recycle their products.

  • Craigslist.

It is another well-known option that can provide you with a free refrigerator for low-income families. It is also an online platform that offers products free of cost or at affordable prices. They might not provide you a free refrigerator like other organizations and government agencies but here you can find everything and anything that you need. Here you can get various models of the refrigerator as per your need. On craigslist, the ads are mostly for the people who want to sell their products and get a new one.

This site is location friendly and this will also tell about the products you need and most probably it will be located near you. You can search for the products and then the list of the sellers will scroll down on your device. Must check the condition of the product you are going to buy. Sometimes, it happens that the product is not working as you expected. So, must check.

  • Furniture banks
  • It is a non-profit organization that helps or supports needy families to fulfill their requirements for home appliances and furniture items in their homes. A furniture bank is an agency that is located across the country. Almost every county, town, and city have a furniture bank. You can contact and ask for a free refrigerator. It might be possible that they can’t help you with a free refrigerator due to lack of resources so firstly contact and ask them then go to pick the appliance you need.

It is set to help or support the community by providing a way for easy selling and buying of the products in the community itself. People who do not want to use appliances such as refrigerators can donate to this bank so they can help the people you really need. And the people who are willing to do some charity work can donate their brand new items to these furniture banks.

  • St. Vincent de Paul society.

This is one of the largest non-profit organizations that provide free refrigerators across the entire country of the United States of America. They provide assistance, resources, and services to poor and low-income families. St. vincent de paul society would provide you a new and energy-efficient free refrigerator through their schemes and programs.

It is a nationwide charity, anyone can claim the services of this charity from any part of the country. All you have to do is register yourself and contact them for help with the free appliances you need. When you get eligible and fulfill the criteria that are set by this organization then you will get your brand new free refrigerator.

  • Salvation army.

It is a well-known national non-profit charity organization. The Salvation Army is known to provide assistance in every corner of the United States of America. They not only provide resources that are the basic need of life but also the appliances that are termed as the need of life for needy, poor, and less fortunate people.

As we know, they are well-known for their introduction and they provide free refrigerators across the country. To claim the service you have to fill up the application form and then submit them with the proper required details such as proof of income, nationality, address, etc. along with these documents you also have to explain your condition to them.


Free refrigerator is now the basic need of life, especially in hot summer. But low-income and poor people can’t afford them. So, for such needy people, there are some organizations and places from where you can get a free refrigerator as per your need. So, in this article, we have discussed the places and organizations where you can get a free refrigerator that is energy-efficient. Hope you get all the information you want to know. Thanks for reading.

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