Want to Take Loan For Yourself?

Types of Loan

A loan is an amount of money that one or more individuals and companies can take from banks And from other financial institutions that provide loans. Individual peoples and companies borrow these loans to financially manage the planned or unplanned events. In doing so, the borrower who takes the loans incurs a debt, in which he has to pay back the money with interest and within a given period of time.

The lender and the recipient must agree on the terms and conditions of the loan before giving and accepting any money. In some cases, the lender wants the borrower to offer an asset up the collateral, which will be mentioned in the loan document. A common loan in American is provided as the mortgage for the purchase of the property.

Loans can be given to anyone such as individuals, governments, and corporations. The main idea behind taking out is to provide funds to grow one’s overall money supply. The fees and interest serve as sources of revenue to the lender.

How many Types of Loans have?

Loans can be classified in types into unsecured and secured, subsidized, or unsubsidized, demand loans, and concessional loans types. In that, people take loans for their personal work, for business, or for a house. Let us understand the types of loans in depth.


1.Personal loan

In personal loans, there are two types in it that are secured and unsecured loans. Let us understand them one by one deeply. So, let’s begin.

Apply for personal loan
Personal Loan
  • Secured loans

Secured loans are nothing but it is a loan which is take something from you for a security purpose because if somehow you are not able to pay back the taken amount of money in form of a loan with interest then the bank has the legal right to snatch your secured thing such as a house, cars, etc and sell it for cover the amount of loan.

A secured loan comes in a form of debt in which the borrower took some assets i.e a car, a house as collateral. A mortgage loan is a very common type of loan. People took this loan to purchase a property mostly. Usually, the lender is a financial institution, a lien on the title of the property till the mortgage is paid in full. In the case of home loans, if somehow the borrower defaults on the loan, then that bank has the legal right to sell the house and cover the amount of money it owns.

Similarly, if a loan is taken for the car maybe it is secured by the car. Remember, the duration of this loan is shorter, often corresponding to the useful life of the car because as we know a car’s value is reduced in 3 to 4 years. Here, there are two types of auto loans, one is direct and another one is indirect. In a direct auto loan type, you can take the loan directly from the bank means a consumer takes the loan directly from banks but in an indirect auto type loan, a car dealership is intermediately between the bank or financial institution and the consumer.

Additionally, there are other forms of secured loans including against securities that are shares, bonds, and well-known mutual funds, etc. this type of secured loans issues to customers a line of credit based on the quality security taken. And in the case of gold loans, the issue of the secured loan to customers after eventuality the quality and quantity of items. Corporate entities can also take the secured loans after approving the company’s assets and including the company itself. Usually, The interest rates of secured loans are lower than unsecured loans.

  • Unsecured loans.

Unsecured loans are nothing but monetary loans that are not secured against the borrower’s assets. These unsecured loans may be available from financial institutions under many different ways of marketing packages. Such as credit cards, personal loans, bank overdrafts, lines of credit or facilities of credit, corporate bonds (it may be secured or unsecured), peer to peer.

Remember, the interest rates to apply to these different forms may vary because it depends on the needs of lenders and borrowers. And these unsecured loans may or may not be regulated by law. In the country of the United Kingdom, when it is applied to individuals it may come under the consumer credit act 1974. Interest rates of these unsecured loans are always higher than the secured loans because an unsecured lender’s options for recourse against the borrower in case of default are severely limited. In short, the lenders don’t get more options to cover the amount of money provided through loans, so interest rates are higher than secured loans.

2. Subsidized Loans & unsubsidized Loans

This type of loan’s interest is reduced by an explicit or hidden subsidy. In the case of college loans in the United States, it refers to a loan on which no interest is taken while a student is still enrolled in education.

unsecured loan
unsecured loan

These loans are for undergraduate students with financial needs. It is determined by your cost of attendance, expected family contribution, and other financial aid ( such as grants or scholarships ).
In the case of unsubsidized loans, these loans are for both undergraduate and graduate students but that is not based on financial need. Eligibility is based on the attendance minus or other financial aid such as grants and scholarships. Interest charged with this loan is during the school, grace periods, and deferment.

  • Demand loans

These loans are short-term loans because their date of repayment is not fixed. Instead, demand carries a floating interest rate, which changes according to the prime lending rate or can be other defined terms. If you are taking the demand loans then the lender will ask you for the repayment at any time. It can be secured and unsecured. Borrowers can use these demand loans for many purposes such as bridge financing, investment loans, partnerships loans, for purchasing cars, farms, animals, etc.

  • Concessional loans.

Concessional loans are also known as soft loans. It is granted on terms substantially more generous than market loans either through below-market interest rates, by the grace period, or maybe the combination of both. These loans may be made by the foreign governments to developing countries or may be offered to the employees of lending institutions as an employee benefit.


A loan is a right option for you if you are thinking of getting a house and your dream car. Here in this article, I have written about all types of loans you need to know. Hope you get all the information about the loan you need to know. And if you are thinking about taking a loan then you should consider these three things: your credit score, your income, and your monthly expenses.

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